We wanted a better way to gather, organize, and print addresses for our wedding invitations, so we created iNeedYourAddress.com.

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Create a free website and URL that you can share with friends and family to collect addresses for your wedding invites.

Your data is YOUR data.

Download your data as a spreadsheet / CSV file at any time. No charge, limit, or hassle.

We will never sell, use, or touch your data. Ever. Period.

Once you delete an address or name, it's gone. (So make sure you download it first before deleting it!)

Easily collect names, addresses, and more.

Share your website with family and friends so they can add their mailing addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and/or email addresses to your list.

Create envelopes and labels with a few clicks.

Choose the size of the envelopes or labels, pick a font and color, select some or all of your addresses, click "Download". Done!

You can create and download as many PDF files as you need!

The PDF feature is optional and a one time charge of $9.99.


Import your existing spreadsheet / CSV files right into your address list.


Add notes and tags to quickly sort, filter, and search your addresses.

Mark addresses as "Sent" so you know who you've already sent invites to.


Tag team your address list by collaborating it with others and they'll be able to organize and work on your address list too!

We made this specifically for the mothers, and soon-to-be-mother-in-laws out there :)

How to Restore Deleted Addresses

3 months ago How to Tips New Features

As of November 15, 2016, when you delete an address, it is actually just thrown in your trash can instead of permanently deleted.

From the trash, you can either restore it or permanently delete it.

To restore a deleted address...

  1. Click on "Filters".

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the "Filters" popup and click on "Trash".

  3. Select the addresses you want to restore then click "Restore checked Addresses".


Alternatively, if you really want to delete the address, you can click "Permanently delete checked Addresses". But don't say we didn't warn you! That will remove them for good!