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How can I edit an address that has been submitted?

If you submitted your name and address to someone else's iNeedYourAddress website, then you can go back to their website within a few hours and click on your name at the top of the page next to “View or Edit”. Only you can see your name and have the ability to view/edit it.

If someone submitted their name and address to your iNeedYourAddress website, you can login to your iNeedYourAddress account where you’ll be shown a list of your names/addresses. Find the one you’d like to edit and click on it. If you aren’t able to click on it and a checkbox is showing next to the name, you’ll need to exit “Multiple Select” mode by scrolling up to the top and clicking “Cancel”. You can now click on the name and it will take you in to edit it.

I accidentally deleted some addresses, help!

You can now restore addresses all by yourself! Go to "Filters" > "Trash" > select the addresses you want to restore, and click "Restore checked Addresses".

Can I just talk to someone? What is the phone number for INYA support?

Right now we offer support via email. If it is really important, please email us and let us know you want to talk, we will do our best to give you a call.

You can also message us on Facebook and we try to respond very quickly

Does INYA print and send me the labels/envelopes?

No. We have looked into doing that since we are pretty much pros at setting up printers to print labels and envelopes but at this time we don't offer that service. If you would like us to offer that, just ask!

How it works: You download a PDF file, open up the file, print the file to your printer.

You will need a printer and label paper or envelopes to print on. I haven't met a printer that is not capable of printing labels. However, envelopes can be a bit more tricky for the printer.

I printed some labels and the toner/ink is rubbing off or smudging, why?

Try changing the "Media Type" in your Print Settings. You might have the "Plain Paper" or "Thin Paper" option selected. Change this to "Thicker Paper", "Label", or "Envelope". Doing this will tell the printer to print slower and warmer which will allow the toner/ink to properly bond to the paper.

This is important because if it is smudging for you at home, then it will definitely smudge when your label/envelope goes through the snail mail system.

I printed some labels and the names are not lining up on the labels, why?

First, make sure you chose the right label size when you download the PDF.

Second, you may need to flip your paper over in the printer's paper tray. You also may need to just rotate the paper in the tray.

Third, make sure the correct "Paper Size" and "Orientation" is chosen when you are printing the PDF.

If you are just having a problem with a single column or row, please let us know! We will work with you to make sure it prints correctly. Send us a picture of what printed along with the settings and size of the labels, it will help us to help you! The more details you have for us the better!

Is there a "Labels only" option?

No. But you do get everything for free except for the "Envelopes and Labels Option" which costs $29.99.

Can I create another address list with a separate URL?

Absolutely! Click "MENU" > Scroll down > click "Create New Address List".

Address lists are free and having multiple address lists is really nice for keeping your data separated.

Full disclosure, we plan to start charging a few dollars for additional address lists in the near future! When this happens, we won't take away what you already have, we will just start charging before you can create a new address list.

What will keep you from going and creating another free address list with a new account? Nothing. But, if you love us that much to create another address list, we just ask that you send us a little moolah so we can keep running things!

Can I have INYA blast out an email to everyone I know with my link?

Nope. Your peeps may hate us for doing that and if those they think it is spam (because it would come from our email address and not yours) then it will hurt our ability to email you important account related emails. Such as your "Forgot my password" email.

How do I share my INYA link with everyone?

Any way that you can think of! Most people post it to their Facebook. A lot of people email the link or text the link to their friends, family, co workers, etc... Or some people call a person, or bump into them somewhere and say "Oh hey! I need your address! Will you go to 'I need your address dot com slash Millward Wedding'?"

This is pretty cool, can I use it for my business?

Yes! In fact, tons of businesses use INYA every day! We even offer a full API so when someone types in their name/address on your address list, it automatically is taken and dropped into their own CRM (like Salesforce) which then triggers a greeting card ( to be sent to them and adds them to the next opening on their calendar. People and businesses do crazy cool things with our API!

How do I integrate with INYA?

The easiest way is to use an app called Zapier. We are not affiliated with them but use them every day! You can automate all sorts of things and connect your other CRMs or apps to INYA.

If you are a developer and want to do a deeper integration, just ask! Send us an email and let us know!

I'm having trouble importing my addresses. Help?

We recommend using the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format.

  • A CSV file is easier to work with and is more transportable than an XLS or XLSX (the Excel file format).
  • You can save your files as CSV from Excel by clicking File > Save As... > Pick the CSV Format.
  • Excel files will work but more setup is required to get them to import properly.

Make sure the first row of your file contains the names of the columns.

For example...
  A B C D E F G H I J K L M
1 name address_line_1 address_line_2 city state postal_code country email_address phone_number notes birth_month birth_day company_name
2 Oscar 123 Sesame St. Garbage Can New York NY 10026 USA 5555555555 "He is a grouch." 05 03
2 John Smith 123 Sesame St. New York NY 10026 USA Angry Lizards

If you import a file and see "!! None !!", that means your file did not contain a required value for that field. For example, the first row on the following example is mising a name and a state so "!! None !!" would be their name and "!! None !!" would be their state.

  • names_and_addresses.csv
      A B C D E F G H I J K L M
    1 name address_line_1 address_line_2 city state postal_code country email_address phone_number notes birth_month birth_day company_name
    2 123 Sesame St. Garbage Can New York 10026 USA 5555555555 "He is a grouch." 05 03
    2 John Smith 123 Sesame St. New York NY 10026 USA Angry Lizards
  • Click on the dropdown next to the "Select All" checkbox, then select "Look for Missing Info" to see if any of your entries are missing required information.

If all else fails, Contact us directly! We'd be glad to help out any way we can!

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