How does iNeedYourAddress make money?

9 years, 11 months ago Q and A

INYA Update: How does iNeedYourAddress make money?

Q: iNeedYourAddress, how do you make money and how do I know you aren't just going to run off with my data?

A: A lot of people ask us how we make money. Especially because our user base trusts us to keep their data secure and not sell it. We make money when people pay for the Envelopes and Labels Options. It's $29.99 and keeps the servers running nice and cool. We also make money by displaying ads and allowing you to pay $3.99 to disable ads on your website.

We do not sell your data. Period. No one sees it.

We DO still have a little celebration every time we receive notification of a new paying user. :)

We have tried out several pricing models and have settled on what we have now after a LOT of testing. It's not easy. We give props to anyone out there who has created something and put it in front of people. It takes a lot to put your creation in front of people and it's scary. So... many props to you aspiring entrepreneurs.

We welcome any questions at which is forwarded to Jackie and myself.

Also, if there is something on the website that makes it not a joy to use, please let us know :) We'd love to address the issue.