How to Print Labels at Home

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INYA Update: How to Print Labels at Home

We have made the awesome ability to be able to print on your labels right at home, and it is so simple! The ability to do this, was one of the main reasons we made this website. When we were first trying to figure out how other people collected addresses, well that was a nightmare. THEN we tried to figure out how people actually got the addresses onto the envelope..(without handwriting a million of them) and holy cow! Trying to figure that out was even worse.

Sooo, let me walk you through how to print the labels at the peace of your own home* (not that you need it, because it's pretty self-explanatory on the website already)

  1. Sign Up for freeee and create a website (easy peasy)

  2. Edit your website by adding beautiful pictures of yourself, adding a title..and so on..

  3. Either import your CSV file (an excel file works, but it's easier with a CSV) OR share your new URL with your family and friends via Facebook or however.

  4. When you are ready, click "Print Labels" on the lefthand side

  5. Pay a measly $29.99 (sorry, we have to make a living somehow!)

  6. Pick your label size

  7. Pick your font and color

BOOM! Print right at home!

This website does not include a printer, must have one on hand.