The "tagging" option and what makes it so cool.

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INYA Update: The "tagging" option and what makes it so cool.

We have recently added the ability to "tag" your addresses. Let us tell you why they are so awesome and handy to have.

We made "tags" because for us, we had different groups who needed to get different things with our wedding invites. We had our immediate family who we wanted to send our normal invite too, as well as the ceremony insert. So we made a tag for "ceremony" so that when the time came to print them off, we knew what addresses got the extra goodies and wouldn't have to go searching through them all. We also made a group for "luncheon", so those people would feel extra special that they got to eat with us. It would work for a rehearsal dinner as well!

Tags are such an easy way to organize your addresses and helps differentiate the addresses of family and friends. Soooo cool, we know.

If you are just using iNeedYourAddress for personal use, its useful for you guys too! You can easily tag all your "coworkers" together, as well as "family" and "friends". They all stay in the same address list, and you can view them all at once, or look at the addresses in the individual tags.